Barragan / Gilardi

Casa Gilardi (1976) is the last residential project by Luis Barragan. It was designed for Pancho Gilardi and Martin Luque, who owned an advertising agency. It was to be used as a studio space or bachelor pad. Pancho Gilardi passed away and Martin Luque and his family now call it home. The house retains the Gilardi name in honor of Pancho. Martin's son, also named Martin, gave me a tour of the house he grew up in. 

The indoor pool, which includes a dining area. Although the house, designed for bachelors, was ultimately the home to a family. Martin assured me they still had some great parties at the house. 
Barragan was a private man and designed his spaces with privacy in mind. The bottom floor of the three story house is the public realm. That's where the pool and outdoor area are. The spaces get progressively more private as you ascend. The second floor has the living room and study. The bedrooms are on the third floor.
The jacaranda tree is original to the site and the house was designed around it.

The study

All of the furnishings seen here in the living room were specified by Barragan. 

This photo of Barragan and David Hockney in the 80's sits on the cabinet.

From the street.

Print Culture / Midcentury Modern Graphic Design

Print Culture: Midcentury Modern Graphic Design
Featured artists include John Baldessari, Tom Gould, Bill Noonan, James Boynton, Bob Matheny, Barney Reid and Jim Sundell.
Print Culture is organized by guest curator Dave Hampton.
Art Gallery - 9th Floor, Central Library
Dec. 10, 2016 - Feb. 26, 2017
Opening Reception: Saturday, Dec. 10, from 12 PM - 2 PM

More information can be found, here

Kyoto / Things

Kyoto has the best alleys.

That's where I discovered Books & Things.

Across town is Ukishima Garden, a vegan restaurant with Junzo Sakakura chairs!

I had ramen and these vegetables, served on a great ceramic plate.

Toji Temple Flea Market

The first thing I bought was a woodblock print of the Hiroshima Peace Bridge (1952), designed by Isamu Noguchi.

 There are actually two Noguchi bridges leading to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park.

Speaking of parks, check out this slide in Kyoto.

Weekend / Stuff

Kurt Versen lamp and an extremely long and early George Nelson Bench.



The annual Objects USA sale was this weekend. The annual event, which has been happening for a decade, is still going strong.

Richard Allen Morris is always part of the show, in person and with pieces like this incredible 1959 painting. 

Walter Chapman, Erik Gronborg and Paolo Soleri

Keith York from Modern San Diego is always a big supporter of Object USA.

Weekend / Stuff

Loch Crane's Taliesen Apron

Loch's hanten

Van Keppel Green

Sol Bloom "Trough"

David Cressey




Sori Yanagi Shop / Tokyo

Since 1972, the Yanagi Shop has been located down a small quiet alley in Tokyo

The shop sells new products that were designed by Sori Yanagi (1915-2011)

There are also many vintage nuggets on display, but unfortunately not for sale.

A great old Aalto stool, with a Yanagi pad.

 I really wanted to buy the 1960 Yanagi tape dispenser. They still use it at the shop.

Sori Yanagi's office in 1960